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Portiugal might not be on top of your mind when you think about moving to another European country, altough it might be one of your options if you are planning to go away for a few days on holidays. The long coastline, the nice wheathere and the welcoming people are slowly but steadily winning Portugal a place in our minds as a touristic destination we all should visit at least once.

However, the possibility of moving permanently to Portugal is getting more and more adepts in the United Kingdom as time goes by. Some Brits decide to choose Portugal for their retirement home, while others want to grow a family there or try their luck in their early years. Whatever the case is, emigration to Portugal from the UK is increasing year after year, and more removal and logistic companies are offering services to carry load and passengers directly to Lisboa and other major destinations in Portugal.

Companies such as Move-Europe have entire fleets dedicated to transporting things and people to and from Portugal, and have become familiar with the technicalities and legal specifications of moving to Portugal. The advantage of working with a company that is already familiar with routes and paperwork regarding a certian country is that they are more likely to be able to guide you through the process. What do you need to know? Will your driver’s license be in effect in Portugal? With Brixit Will Visas be Necessary? What papers do you need to take your dogs with you?

These questions and many more should get an answer before you start seriously planning your removal. 

Why Portugal

The appeal of Portugal is that of its people, its landscape and its wheather. Also, the economy has been stable enough and opportunities for Brits who learn how to speak the local language are more than enough for us to consider the possibility of relocating there. It is close enough to our home to feel that we are still in familiar territory, but different enough for us to enjoy the contrast with our own countries while still on a place in the sun.

It isn’t unusual that people from the UK consider the possibility of relocating to Portugal after enjoying nice holidays there. This is perfectly valid, but may we suggest that, if this is your case, you try to figure out whether you liked Portugal because it is a nice country for you, or rather, simply because you enjoyed your holidays.

Experiencing a country as a tourist is far different than living there. This doesn’t mean that Portugal cannot be a good choice for you, actually it has worked wonderfully for so many British expats in the past. However, make sure that you know the country from the inside and not just from your experience at a hotel or a rental apartment for a week. If you can, try and moving there for a few months, temporarily, and try out their lifestyle and their society. Only then you will be sure about whether or not Portugal is the place for you.

What you need to know before you move

Moving to a different country means that many things in your life will change, and you will need to adapt. It is not advisable that you move next to a couple British neighbours and live in a bubble where you only talk to other expats and you don’t integrate with the people and the culture around you. This isn’t just socially limiting, but rather, this kind of isolation will prevent you from learning about Portugal, its laws, its system and its opportunities. You might miss interesting chances or even get in trouble for not doing things right, simply because you didn’t know that they were done differently in that place.

We suggest that you become familiar with the local legislation and culture, and at the very least try to learn the basics of the language. It is unrealistic to think that you will just get by with your English. Learn Portugese and find out about their culture and their implicit norms for interaction, and that will help you a great deal with getting to know locals. They will teach yo the rest of the things you need to know.

Also, if you want to work in Portugal as a professional, make sure you can do it legally. Some degrees need validation in a foreign country, and without them you can’t work in your field. The Embassy should provide all information and channels you need to get it done.

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Looking for quality fastenings for transportation business? Contact us and get the safest fastenings delivered to you within days!