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Cable Ties

The manufacture of cable ties is of great essence in the UK and other regions which deal with the assembly and repair of such items, for technical equipment among many others. Component manufacturers provide numerous companies with the items they need to build us the machines we use in our day-to-day activities. 

One of the greatest component manufacturing companies in the UK is Richco. The company operates not only in the UK but also in Australia and the US. It supplies parts to large companies in various industries in these countries.

A little more about Richco UK Cable Ties 

Richco specializes in manufacturing high-quality Cable ties, fasteners, wire management devices and circuit board hardware. The core values of the company are:

• To design and manufacture the best quality components

• To price The components competitively

• To distribute the components promptly

Richco UK is a one-stop shop for almost all your component needs. The company enjoys a global presence and local support which enables it to get experienced employees and multiple alliances. The company is always ready to provide components for the ever changing demand for these products.

Richco Cabble Tie Products

The company manufactures and supplies numerous components in the UK. Some of these components include:

• Electronic components

Richco manufactures and supplies Cable tie components for electronic devices to renowned companies all over the world. Some of the electronic components manufactured by Richco are as follows: 

• Capacitors

• Diodes

• Light-Emitting Diodes

• Transistors

• Integrated Circuits

• Cables clips

Richco manufacturers a wide variety of cable clips and ties. The most popular ones are self-adhesive and push-fit cable clips. These clips can be used to secure cable-forms without any difficulties. There are also easy to use and highly durable.

• Tools

The company also manufactures a wide range of tools which can be used to accomplish various tasks. Richco tools can be used in areas such assembling electronic parts, cutting materials and building to name just a few.

• Rivets 

Richco provides its customers with long lasting rivets which can be used for various purposes. The rivets are designed in a manner that makes it easy for users to install when joining two objects together.

• Audio-visual devices

The manufacturers of audio-visual devices require a number of components to assemble the various machines they make. Thanks to Richco, many companies are able to assemble their machines quite easily. The company offers spare parts, satellites, aerials and stands. 

• Music Instruments

Every musician wants to play an instrument that is of high quality. Fortunately, Richco LTD makes it possible for different companies to create great instruments. 

• Cable Fastenings

Richco offers straps and fastenings which are of great significance to the transport industry. Companies that transport bulky goods benefit from Richco, as its fastenings are proven to be firm and very secure.

The company ensures its straps and fastenings are completely safe; it takes into great consideration the harm that could be caused if they are loose. Richco, just like , is a trustworthy firm and any transportation company can rely on it. 

Quality assurance

Product quality is an element that Richco has greatly looked into. The products are tailored in a manner that ensures maximum customer satisfaction is met. The company has the best manufacturing plant for components whereby the latest manufacturing techniques are employed to ensure high product quality. With the kind of quality that Richco offers, you can rest assured that any component will serve you accordingly. The high quality of Richco products also ensure safe of use and therefore accidents are highly unlikely. 

Richco is committed to providing its customers with the most durable and safe components and fastenings. With Richco products you can escape the maintenance costs associated with poor quality products, as it conforms to the UK manufacturing standards.

Distribution of components

Richco provides fast and reliable distribution of parts and components to its customers. The company’s distribution team makes it their business to get their customers’ shipment delivered to their destination in the shortest time possible. This is very important because customers usually order these products to help them accomplish urgent tasks.

Customer Service

The company offers an excellent customer support system to the buyers. It has a support team that is ever ready to help its customers in any matter related to the company. You can get to contact the customer support team if you have any questions concerning the company and its products.

Parting Shot

With Richco, you are sure to get highly durable and safe products. Furthermore, the products will be delivered to your destination as fast as possible with the company’s impressive distribution system. The components and parts are also easy to use and install as they are tailored to be user-friendly by the company. In case of any further enquiries, the company as a remarkable support team ready to serve the customers.  

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Looking for quality fastenings for transportation business? Contact us and get the safest fastenings delivered to you within days!

Phyllis S. Morrison
Mannings Logistics

I had been searching for a good fastenings manufacturer for a long time when I found Richco Fastenings. The build quality and reliability of their fastenings is really top-notch!

Edgar C. Sanders
Sanders and Co Logistics

The quick distribution services that I received for my order of fastenings from Richco Fastenings had been the thing that pleased me the most. I had never received such high quality fastenings so quickly from any of my suppliers in the past.  

Angel C. Varney
Angel Freight and Delivery

I got straps for my transportation vehicles from Richco Fastenings and I have been very happy with their high quality and durability.

Looking for quality fastenings for transportation business? Contact us and get the safest fastenings delivered to you within days!