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Transportation industry is not a safe business. There are plenty of opportunities for things to wrong. One slightly loosely hanging package can easily fall out and get damaged or cause an accident. This is why it is important that secure fastenings and straps are used for ensuring package security. Richco Fastenings vows you to provide durable and secure fastenings that ensure the safety of your haulage services.   

Richco  – Making Transportation Safer

Richco Fastenings is a manufacturer and distributor of high quality fastenings and straps. The company is based in the UK and offers durable and secure fastenings for the transportation industry. Whether you are a transportation company or a haulage service, we are going to ensure that you get the safest and most durable fastenings for your haulage trucks.  Our mission is to offer our clients top notch distribution and customer services and we do everything in our power to achieve this. From enhancing the durability of our fastenings to increasing the reliability of our straps, our mission is to make sure that our clients always get the most secure products! Our philosophy is to provide transportation companies the chance to get the safest and most durable fastenings and straps for their haulage trucks. We believe that safety is a big concern for transportation companies, so we make sure that we manufacture the most reliable and secure fastenings and straps that never fail. 

What Do We Have to Offer You

Our fastening, straps and other components are extremely popular among the transportation companies in the UK. The following are some of the features that have helped us in achieving this status!

High Quality Manufacturing


Excellent Customer Support

Quality is something that we deeply care about. We have the best manufacturing setup and make use of the latest manufacturing techniques to ensure that our fastenings and components are of the highest possible quality.


We offer excellent customer support to you as well. Our customer support team is ever ready to help you out in every which way. Give them a call if you have any queries you want answered about our fastenings.

Fast Distribution


Durability and Safety

We provide fast distribution service to you. Our distribution teams try to get your consignment delivered to your destination in the shortest possible time.


We are committed to provide you the most durable and safe components and fastenings for your transportation business. We make sure that our straps last for a long time. 

Get Your Goods To Their Destination Safely Today!

Contact us using our contact form or by calling us directly to get your fasteners today so that you can make sure that the goods that you are hauling will be safe and secure. Remember that fasteners are a quick and effective solution for safely and securing transporting goods. Our fasteners are not only easy to use but they are also easy to install as long as you have the necessary tools which you can also obtain from us.






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Looking for quality fastenings for transportation business? Contact us and get the safest fastenings delivered to you within days!

Phyllis S. Morrison
Mannings Logistics

I had been searching for a good fastenings manufacturer for a long time when I found Richco Fastenings. The build quality and reliability of their fastenings is really top-notch!

Edgar C. Sanders
Sanders and Co Logistics

The quick distribution services that I received for my order of fastenings from Richco Fastenings had been the thing that pleased me the most. I had never received such high quality fastenings so quickly from any of my suppliers in the past.  

Angel C. Varney
Angel Freight and Delivery

I got straps for my transportation vehicles from Richco Fastenings and I have been very happy with their high quality and durability.

Looking for quality fastenings for transportation business? Contact us and get the safest fastenings delivered to you within days!